Forget The Forecast, Make Your Own Weather

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During the annual planning exercise, brand teams evaluate the current status of their brands by subjecting them to a thorough business review.

They take in consideration a number of different macro- and micro-environmental factors that have the potential to impact brand performance, including the political/legal environment, competitive dynamics, and customer/consumer interactions.

Since industry boundaries are imaginary lines arbitrarily drawn along technologies, markets and target customer lines to aid analysis needs of planners and strategists, new ways of looking at therapy class boundaries allows the discovery of new opportunities during the situational assessment process.

The Pharmaceutical Strategist’s (TPS) Therapy Class Strategic Audits have the potential to add more clarity to the assessment process than traditional intelligence sources, specifically as it pertains to key areas of market sizing, growth trends and competitive dynamics.

The increased segmentation precision afforded by TPS’s Therapy Class Strategic Audits allow brand teams to focus their attention and resources on the portions of the market that matter most to their brands, leading to better resource allocation and better brand performance.

Brand managers can successfully leverage TPS’s Therapy Class Strategic Audits during situational assessment phase of the brand-planning process to identify and pursue opportunities that can drive highly profitable brand growth.