Today's Strategy: Mind That Does Not Stick

Scenarios are tools for ordering perceptions about alternative future environments in which today's decisions might be played out.

In practice, scenarios resemble a set of stories, written or spoken, built around carefully constructed plots.

Scenario planning is the best tool for making strategic decisions in an environment of uncertainty. They allow foresighting teams develop common frameworks and languages to discous ambigyous future conditions and etheral technological concepts.

By integrating scenario planning exercises into the strategic-planning process, strategists ensure that their teams will manage to communicate clearly on issues related to opportunities, renewal, and future growth.

Scenarios provide a context for your strategy making, clarifying the risks and rewards of alternative courses of action, while allowing for paradigm shifting activities and out-of-the box thinking to take place during the strategy formulation exercise.

The Pharmaceutical Strategist (TPS) has spearheaded the introduction of cutting edge scenario planning techniques to the pharmaceutical industry. TPS have refined those techniques and pioneered their application to the level of the global business unit.

TPS organizes seminars to increase awareness and disseminate insights regarding the technique, it also organizes workshops for multidisciplinary teams wishing to foresight participatory futures to a specific field of inquiry.

The real benefits of a topic-specific scenario planning exercise come to light when facilitating brainstorming exercises to guide key commercialization decisions as part of the activities taking place during the annual brand-planning process.