Discovering New Opportunities

Leading pharmaceutical companies continue to search for new market opportunities while trying to
optimize resources.

Opportunity discovery is a process of innovation that gives companies a systematic way to explore and  zero in on those opportunities with the greatest promise for their business.

To accomplish this a constant stream of ideas, strategic opportunity search, research and analysis within the competitive context are required.

The Pharmaceutical Strategist (TPS) has devised an opportunity discovery process that continually scans the opportunity space and gives pharmaceutical companies the means to managing innovation and growth.

TPS publishes a continuous stream of Strategic Opportunity Reports that offer strategists, brand teams and product managers snapshots of the market dynamics, value chain, competitive situation and near future happenings in key niche growth areas high on the value chain.

Used to their full potential, TPS’s Strategic Opportunity Reports uncovers a new realm of opportunities that enhance client companies abilities to:
  • Identify novel opportunities for growth
  • Segment the market in new ways
  • Achieve competitive advantage
  • Seamlessly link marketing and sales strategies
  • Ensure that the right messages are reaching the right stakeholders
  • Align performance with strategic objectives
  • Identify mid-course opportunities and threats
  • Improve marketing and sales effectiveness.
TPS’s Strategic Opportunities Reports offer strategists, brand teams and product managers new ways of mapping the opportunity space within clearly defined, profitable high growth niche segments of the market.

The reports allow clients a quick way to quickly identify new areas of opportunities, efficiently allocate resources in pursuit of these opportunities, and drive more profitable growth in today's complex environment.