Seeing in Four Dimensions

Since antiquity man has been obsessed with seeing into the future. The oldest record of such activity dates back to ancient Egypt. Then, there was a priesthood residing in a temple up the river Nile.Their main activity was to try to predict the level of the annual spring flood by examining samples of the Nile’s water on regular bases. Come March they used to send a boat down the river with their verdict to Pharaoh in Cairo.

With space-time compression, one can see into the future just by looking at spatial relations between events. Any one with access to satellite imagery watching the Ethiopians building the Renaissance Dam can pick up his smart phone and tweet pharaoh in Cairo:

“Pharaoh, you are in for a very long drought”.
“How do you know?”
“I can see it right now. Your future has just happened!”

The future is now, it is simply not equally distributed.